"Sat Devbir Singh is a humble Master, Incarnate Guide, on earth to support humanity's evolution. The gravity of working with him is impossible to put into words. When you are ready for this kind of experience, please seek him out immediately." -Jack Johnson


“Hillary is an Angel and an incredible energy healer working with many modalities.  She is connected to spirit in ways that I've not seen before. I have learned so much from her teaching and have been moved by her healings and benevolence in countless ways.” -Mark R.  

"Most healers I have worked with in the past had a lot of ego or personal opinions interfering with their work, which was very frustrating.  Sat Devbir Singh is a pure channel with so much humility and love. I highly recommend." -Lisa Dowling 


"Hillary has been my guide, my inspiration, and my greatest teacher of all. I am forever grateful for her presence along my path. She helped me start living the life of my dreams!" -Sara Sanguino

"I've never experienced two trainers work together so effortlessly to hold a loving, neutral space for an energy healing certification course like Sat Devbir and Hillary. They opened me up to possibilities that I had never imagined and my practice began to thrive more than ever." -Donavon C.