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A five-part live virtual training with Sat Devbir and Hillary Faye

July 11, 18, 25, 30, and Aug 1 (replays will be made available) 11am-1pm PT


Join us for a deeply healing journey through the subconscious mind and inner child with Parts Therapy, Mindfulness & Meditation, movement, and PLAY! The tools in this course weren’t available to most of our parents and caregivers but it’s not too late to give your inner child everything it needs so that you can be liberated and successful in every aspect of your life. 


Our culture doesn’t have a strong focus on conscious awareness. This leaves a huge gap within the education system, so unconscious parents pass down the same habits & patterns they’ve inherited that are often based in unresolved wounds and their own unprocessed emotions. Childhood is where the subconscious mind and nervous system are formed, writing these patterns deeply into the “programs” that are running our internal operating systems. Parents can only parent from their own level of consciousness. We can only give to others what we’ve mastered ourselves. 


What does your present-time self have to offer your inner child that it wasn’t getting? Is your inner child eager to receive from two compassionate teachers and a group of peers who are also ready to transcend their lives? 

Why learn how to communicate with your inner child and become your own greatest parent?


  • The part of the inner child that felt ignored or unimportant will cause you to subconsciously push away healthy relationships, career opportunities, or anything else that could steal your attention from it

  • Just like an actual young child, the inner child will retaliate when it’s feeling hurt and cause you to self-sabotage 

  • The inner child will cause you to withdraw yourself when it’s feeling scared or unsafe, preventing you from taking healthy risks and moving forward in life

  • Release resentment, anger, and blame toward your primary caregiver

The following symptoms are often related to unresolved inner child issues that reparenting can help to address:


Abuse of self or others


Blaming others



Demand for immediate attention

Emotional outbursts

Extreme cautiousness

Focus on detail, not the big picture

Lack of healthy boundaries 

Low self-esteem



Mental/Emotional instability 


Passive aggression



Rescuing and fixing others

Rescue seeking




The Solutions

Our experiences with our primary caregivers serve a multitude of purposes for the growth of our souls. We will open the space to understand the challenges and traumas we experienced as children so that true healing can take place as we step into the role of the loving parent. 


  • Create a solid foundation for the inner child to feel safe, valued, and cherished

  • Provide the inner child with unconditional love that isn’t dependent upon meeting anyone else’s preferences or expectations

  • Respect the inner child and recognize it’s inherent likes, dislikes, natural gifts, talents & abilities and encourage/support them

  • Guide the inner child through disappointment, loss, and grief

  • Actively listen to the inner child and allow it to vent 

  • Do activities the inner child wants to do

  • Be committed, consistent, honest, and dependable with your inner child


Parts Therapy is a powerful tool because all of your various parts have different needs and desires. If you open the space to hear them and help them get their needs met, you can resolve internal conflict and those fractured selves no longer have to operate in isolation. The experiences, meditations, and other tools & techniques that we’ll share in this course will empower your healing journey so you can live a life without limits. When the inner child feels loved, respected, and safe, it not only integrates into present time but also provides you with huge amounts of energy, curiosity, innocence, and spirit! While we can’t change the past nor other people, we can change ourselves which has profound ripple effects through the generational threads. This course aims to heal fragmentation and align you with the experience of wholeness and freedom.  


MU Alumni & Early Bird: $444

Regular Tuition: $555

See you there! From the heart of our inner child to yours,

Hillary & Sat

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