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"The mysteries of the Universe are not forbidden from humans, they just require a deeper investment of our energy to access.  Like most things in our world, the more precious something is, the more it's protected. We will make contact with some of the Highest Consciousness, Wisdom, and Beings of Light available in order to awaken and empower the collective mission to evolve our souls as well as humanity at large." - Sat Devbir


If you feel ready to embody the light codes of love and wisdom on the deepest level, we are here to support you in remembering and awakening your Soul’s knowing. The beings of the highest light want to facilitate your optimal healing so you can bring forth your sacred medicine to the planet and all its inhabitants with clarity.


Every module is designed to bring you into greater alignment and in the coming weeks, months & years, those who are in the greatest alignment will be supporting the birth of the New Earth so many envision.

If you’ve always known that there is more to life than what you see around you, then now is the time to dive deep into the higher dimensional frequencies of Truth and Light.


Why choose Mystery School Certification?

When you pierce through the veils and all of humanity's illusions & delusions, you open your consciousness and your mind in a way that allows you to include more information, aka Universal Wisdom. Our realities are based on perception. Mystery School opens the lens of your perception so that you can truly understand the human condition, view your patterns through a more neutral lens, and eliminate blind spots.

This course is your Ascension map. Participants in the MU Mystery School will receive attunements and initiations from Councils of Light that will infuse all aspects of your life and being with interdimensional wisdom and love consciousness. You will have a greater presence of your own cosmology, the history of humanity, and have multiple opportunities to get to the bottom of your personal patterns and limitations. 

You will receive an advanced sacred ritual to practice every day that was transmitted directly from the Councils of Light to Sat Devbir and Hillary Faye specifically for the participants in the MU Mystery School. This sacred ritual will elevate you to anchor the light that you are every day through divine communion.


The Higher Dimensional Beings, Masters & Guides that we engage within this course want humanity to thrive. They are here to support us in the release of our pain & suffering, and to end the destruction we see on our planet. It's up to us to choose it and allow them to help, as they can't interfere with our free will. You'll come out of this course with a sacred Right of Passage, Initiations & Attunements, Esoteric Wisdom, and an empowered sense of Knowing. Expect deep healing, clearing, connection, and increased extrasensory ability (intuition and more!)


Join us on this 3-month journey and you will reunite with your family of light, access the deepest love, and learn to hold the wisdom keys of the universe.




Energetic Anatomy 


Working with the Rays of Creation


Planes of Consciousness & Dimensions 


Optimizing the Higher Chakra Systems


Working with the Logos & Councils of Light 


The Chohans & Ascended Masters + Etheric Retreats


Star Civilizations & Ancient Civilizations


The Higher University, Ascension Seats, & Matrix Removal Programs

Akashic Records, Past Life Regression, Timelines


Light Language, Incantations & Invocations


Egyptology and accessing Egyptian Wisdom


Anchoring El Shaddai in the Heart and creating from 5D



Alchemy & Sacred Geometry


Mansion of the Heart University Mystery School will be offered LIVE on Zoom every week with Sat Devbir and Hillary Faye. In our dynamic process, the course will be tailored to the needs of the group with plenty of time to ask questions, interact, and practice. Your family of Light awaits!


Course Details:


Weekly 2-hour Zoom meetings  - Sundays 11:00am PST / 2:00pm EST 

Feb 21st - May 23rd, 2021


Each week, you will receive a manual for the upcoming module + several bonuses as action steps to integrate the course material


Replays will typically be available the same day and you will have access to them for 6 months.


Requirements for Certification: Attend all classes live or on the replays, complete all the course action steps after each module (1-2 hours/week)


MU Alumni & Early Bird Discount: $1222, Regular Tuition: $1888

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