Energetic Mastery

Every module is designed to bring you into greater alignment and in the coming weeks, months & years, those who are in the greatest alignment will be supporting the birth of the New Earth so many envision.

Mansion of the Heart University Training will be offered LIVE on Zoom every week with Sat Devbir Singh and Hillary Faye. In our dynamic process, the course will be tailored to the needs of the group with plenty of time to ask questions, interact, and practice. Your new family awaits!

The modules of our Healer Teacher Coach Certification Program include: 

  • Energetic Anatomy + Spiritual Hygiene

  • Connecting to the Archangels and Attunements to the Archangels 

  • Falling in Love with yourself and healing with Unconditional Love 

  • Calling in your healing team and working with guides in sessions and Ceremonial Healing

  • Kundalini Reiki Level I Certification 

  • Building and trusting your intuition and working with spiritual guidance cards, pendulums  and muscle testing

  • Mindful Living + conscious lifestyle

  • Kundalini Reiki Level II Certification 

  • Crystal Healing: working with Gemstones in sessions and healing gemstones attunements 

  • Learning how to listen to understand and how to listen and heal from your heart space

  • Kundalini Reiki Level III Certification Including  Diamond Reiki Space, Location, and Situation healings distance and in-person

  • How to teach Usui Reiki I, II and Master and How to teach Kundalini Reiki I, II and Master online and in-person

  • Traditional Pranic Healing, Clearing energy and Cord-cutting

  • Holding space, conscious listening getting to the root issue/cause/source in coaching and healing and intro into Cellular Alchemy deep healing process. 

  • Holotropic Breathwork

  • Pranic Reiki Method

  • Learning Etheric Surgery and practice 

  • Cellular Alchemy Process for deep healing 

  • NLP, Parts (Inner Selves)Therapy, Coaching practice and best practices as an intuitive coach

  • 9 Dimensions of Consciousness and How to Create from the 5th dimension (Love)

  • Working with the Rays of Creation 

  • Connecting to Star Family, Galactic Council of Light  and receiving Planetary Attunements 

  • Multidimensional healing with codes of Light and Light Language 

  • Honoring your unique gifts and allowing space for your own form of healing to come through.

  • Creating your own signature offerings, healings, and packages

  • Cultivating Abundance and conscious marketing + easy ways to share your healing packages.

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